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On the 21st of February each year we celebrate the occasion of International Tourist Guide Day. This is a day dedicated to the profession of Tourist Guiding and affords us the opportunity to highlight and showcase this profession on the global stage.

This is a day that was set in motion in 1989 at the 3rd WFTGA Convention in Nicosia, Cyprus. Since then, the day has grown immensely. From the beginning, the founders of the WFTGA and the first WFTGA Presidents Yossi Grau and Jane Orde knew that they were involved in something good, and little did they know what an exceptional organization WFTGA would grow to become. 

The Tourist Guides as individuals are the ambassadors and guardians of our sites, destinations, attractions and more. In recognition of this role and with reference to the World Tourism Day initiative of Tourism and Green Investments we are excited to announce our theme for the 2024 International Tourist Guide Day as:

Theme: Tourist Guides; Our Guardians in promoting and encouraging Green Tourism.

Description: We believe that Tourist Guides are in the unique position to act as the green guardians in their respective sites and cities creating awareness of both the natural/geographical and man-made environments through their activities to Tourists.

We look forward to our members’ activities in celebration of this day and their interpretations of this theme.

Many have played a hand in the growth of the WFTGA and the recognition of this very special day. Our President Emeritus, our previous Executive Board Members, our Area Representatives, our Global Brand Ambassadors and of course you, our WFTGA Members. Let us continue to build on our legacies together.

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