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About us

engaged in tourism since 2003

The Danube Guides

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The DonauGuides are an association of over 600 guides along the Danube, who have been reliably handling guided tours, transfers and tour guides for years. We work closely with local guide associations and guide agencies.

The company was founded in 2017 by the current managing director Sebastian Frankenberger, who has been a guide since 2003 and lives in Passau, Linz and Vienna. Through his involvement in various regional and national guide associations, he is the link along the Danube.

The cross-regional and fair cooperation between tourist guide associations and agencies allows us to be deeply rooted in the regions and to add value through supra-regionally coordinated programs. This creates unique experiences and encounters that build on each other. A dramaturgical thread along the Danube.





Needs of the guest

Our management philosophy

We have set ourselves the goal of presenting culture and history in an exciting and entertaining way (instead of just stringing together facts and figures). In this way, history comes alive for our guests.

The guest is involved in the tour and thus changes from being a passive listener to an active participant. Experiential education elements not only promote group dynamics, but also increase the entertainment value of history.

Our well-trained and certified guides have many years of experience and respond to the wishes and needs of the guests in each tour.

In order to maintain this quality standard, we have established our own training institute for tourism service providers www.guide-training.com.

Our goal

Danube stories retold

As a project partner of the INTERREG project“Trans Danube Travel Stories” we helped to develop exciting and above all unforgettable adventures for sustainable travel.

6 themed routes

Each of them has a thematic focus and includes a program tailored to it, which interprets the role of the Danube in relation to Europe, nature, the Roman period, art & culture, trade or spirituality.

Sustainable travel

Discover the Danube region from a whole new side. Explore the European lifeline from different perspectives: by train, by bike along the Danube Cycle Path or by canoe, kayak, etc.

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Together instead of competition

Some of our partners

We work together in the Cooperative for Sustainable Tourism www.conscious-tourism.group