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City tours and experiences

City guides, tourist guides and tour guides

Get to know the country and its people with entertaining anecdotes and typical local cuisine

Anecdotes and backgrounds

Our goal is to convey culture and history in an exciting and entertaining way (instead of just stringing together facts, figures and dates).

regional cuisine

We are happy to incorporate a tasting of typical regional products into the tour. And we know the hottest cafés, Heurigen, restaurants and of course the insider tips of the locals.

Guests' needs in the foreground

Whether photo stops, insider tips or the most basic needs. Our guides put the guest first and are wonderful problem solvers.

Certified guides

We have a team of over 600 freelance guides who are trained and educated by our educational institute.

About us

The reliable partner for your guest services since 2003

The company was founded in 2017 by the current managing director Sebastian Frankenberger, who has been a guide since 2003 and lives in Passau, Linz and Vienna. Through his involvement in various regional and national guide associations, he is the link along the Danube.

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Cities along the Danube



bookable in 5 countries

The incoming agency for experiences along the Danube and beyond.


It is not on the Danube but on the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal.
We have in our team city guides, but also enough transfer guides and airport assistants.


This tour offers two options for extending the tour
"Straubing to get to know":
Alternative one: The walk through the city center will be
complemented by the Historical Cemetery of St. Peter, one of the
most important in Germany, in the oldest part of Straubing with
Romanesque basilica, three late Gothic chapels and more
than 1,000 funerary monuments from seven centuries.
Alternative two: The leadership focuses on the
historic city center and offers a detailed
Walk through the city center with the Roman treasure in the
Gaeuboden Museum and three inner-city churches.
The scope of the tour can be customized. After the tour, the participants will be happy to follow the recommendations of the local guides.


On this highlight guided tour you can experience Deggendorf and

discover! In about 2 hours you can see many interesting things.

learn details about Deggendorf e.g. what makes the cultural district so

special? During our guided tour we pass by the

historic city wall and learn what stories it has to tell.

has to tell. The highlight of the tour is the town hall tower.
The scope of the tour can be customized. After the tour, the participants will be happy to follow the recommendations of the local guides.


Welcome to Vilshofen! Today we take you to the

exciting past of the "small three-river town" on the Danube,

Vils and Wolfach. The historic old town of Vilshofen and the

Danube promenade are perfect for a city tour

  1. Learn more about the time of floods, ice surges,

fires and about the stories and legends that have grown up around

the famous brewer Josef Groll and knight Tuschl.
The scope of the tour can be customized. After the tour, the participants will be happy to follow the recommendations of the local guides.

?eské Bud?jovice
Bad Ischl

The European Capital of Culture 2024 is picturesquely situated between the mountains. Follow in the footsteps of artists and visit Sissi and Franz in the Kaiservilla.

Zell am See

Bookable via our partner www.austriaguide.at


The highlight tour of Graz includes, within 1.5 to 3 hours, all the important sights of the city. In addition to the Schlossberg and the Clock Tower, the Old Town and the Graz Cathedral, the tours also like to take you to the Mausoleum and the Glockenspiel. The experienced guides will bring you closer to the capital of Styria with anecdotes about the historical background and urban development. The scope of the tour can be customized. You are welcome to visit additional museums or add a boat trip. After the tour, the participants will be happy to follow the recommendations of the local guides.

Bookable via our partner www.austriaguide.at


The highlight tour Engelhartszell includes, within 1.5 hours, all the important sights around the monastery Engelhartszell. The monastery, founded in 1293, is the only Trappist monastery in Austria and invites you to a unique visit with its stylish rococo church. Homemade beers and liquors are served at the gate. The experienced guides will introduce you to Engelhartszell Abbey with anecdotes about its historical background and modern development. The scope of the tour can be customized. You are welcome to visit additional museums or add a boat trip. After the tour, the participants will be happy to follow the recommendations of the local guides.


During this tour you will experience the historic buildings, the

picturesque alleyways and the impressive Danube banks of Ybbs

on your walk through the city. In the process we pass by the

Mozart Hall, at the moat and the Linz Gate, at the

the castle and the powder tower.
The scope of the tour can be customized. After the tour, the participants will be happy to follow the recommendations of the local guides.


During our walk through the charming old town of Melk,

which is known by the Benedictine monastery, discover some

hidden corners and alleys. One comes across interesting

buildings, such as the old post office, the bread store, the

House on the stone and house on the stone. Very special

Stories tell us some pictures on the house facades of the

Old Town.

- An additional option is a visit to Melk Abbey,

the monastery which towers high above the city. Thereby visited

the Stiftsmuseum, the Kaisergang, the Marmorsaal, the

Altane, the library and the collegiate church.
The scope of the tour can be customized. After the tour, the participants will be happy to follow the recommendations of the local guides.

Neuburg Monastery

More info at the individual destinations.

Bike tour guide

along the Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna

River cruise ship service

Land programs, incoming, transfers, lectures board, emergency programs

popular tours

The most booked cities

There are several strands of history that connect the individual cities along the Danube.
As a partner in the project “Trans Danube Travel Stories” we have co-developed 6 different themed routes.



The baroque three-river city with the impressive organ in the Stephans Doml, the majestic Veste Oberhaus and the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers.
Foto von Leonhard_Niederwimmer


The up-and-coming metropolis offers a small fine old town, the Museum of the Future with the Ars Electronica Center, unique views from the Pöstlingberg, the Brucknerhaus and surprises with many culinary delights such as the Linzer Torte.
white and brown concrete building near body of water during daytime


The Danube meanders past Melk Abbey, Aggstein Ruin, the vineyards of Spitz and Weißenkrichen. Visit the ruins of Dürnstein with us and listen to anecdotes about Richard the Lionheart before tasting wine with us at a Heuriger in Krems.
Foto von Dimitry Anikin


The waltz city has many facets. Whether the imperial Hofburg, the shopping streets around St. Stephen's Cathedral, art nouveau buildings, famous museums or highlights such as the State Opera or the Ferris wheel in the Prater.
white and brown concrete building


The Bratislava Castle above a beautiful baroque old town with the coronation path of the Hungarian kings, many pubs and hidden corners, lets you immerse yourself in the turn of the century and at the same time discover many remnants of the Soviet era.
Foto von JStolp


The Hungarian capital was already popular with the Romans and Ottomans for its hot springs and baths. Walk with us to the Fishermen's Bastion or discover the Hungarian Crown in the Parliament.
ready to book or individually compiled

Our ready to book city tours and programs

We have about 250 elaborated tours in our repertoire.

In each destination we have:

  • Highlight guide
  • Culinary tour with tastings
  • Children, students or family tours
  • fun tour for company outings and clubs
  • handicapped accessible tour for seniors or for people with special needs
  • Jewish tours
  • LBGT Guided tours
  • Hiking or cycling tours
  • Half and day programs in the surroundings

Tell us your basic conditions and we will take care of the test. Incl. Hotels, transportation etc. The full service DMO, incoming and intermediary agency.

some of our bike tour guides

Inspiring storytellers

Our guides are highly trained in leadership dramaturgy, storytelling, group dynamics, conflict management, first aid and regional and national history, art and culture.
The most important thing is they do this job out of enthusiasm and friends to work with guests.

Sebastian Frankenberger

Managing Director

Working as a guide since 2003 and head of www.donauguides.com. He is internationally involved in guide associations and our smart digitalization freak.

Gerd Brandstätter

Trainer, bike guide

Our outdoor educator trains tour guides and tour leaders and is an avid bike guide himself. He puts together the right Spotify playlist for each tour and lets the guests sing along. When he is not working for us, he leads in Vienna at www.vienna-now.at.

Inspiring tour guide with her company www.artemezzo.com in Vienna. Always on the lookout for special places, the regional insider tips and unique photo stops.

Martha Tretter

Tour guide Vienna

Our team consists of 600 independent professional guides who guide in over 20 languages. They know many insider tips and know how to deal with mixed groups.

600 Guest guide, tour guide and tour leader

in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Professional offers and processing

Some of our customers

Over 50 bus operators, river cruise companies and package tour operators trust our guides.
We will be happy to present your programs during an interactive travel lecture. Also with virtual live connections to our guides.

Why you should book us

Because with us the experiences of the guests are in the foreground

And we make this profession out of passion. Can’t do, won’t do, is our motto. We find a solution for every problem on site. The needs of our guests are always in the foreground.

Group size = quality

Many cities along the Danube are struggling with overtourism. Therefore, a maximum group size of 25 people applies in various cities, and in some already 20. Small groups increase the quality.

Fair price

Our guides are full-time city guides or tour guides. They live from this profession. We therefore pay you a fair fee that corresponds to the official rates of the guide associations.

24/7 support

We are always there for you and 98% of the time we can handle emergency requests at short notice. Just call, WhatsApp or send an email. Billing is done by invoice following the tours.