Covid-19 Uapdate

  • Guides are allowed again in all our areas (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary).
  • All our guides are vaccinated 2 times.
  • We have a strict hygiene protocol for our tours and follow the official guidelines.
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the tour.
  • Maximum group size 15-25 people, depending on legal requirements.


The DonauGuides are specialized for

  • any kind of exciting and entertaining city tours
  • themed tours
  • Children’s and school tours
  • cycling and hiking tours
  • lectures
  • transfers and specials.

Our certified and well-trained tour guides have many years of experience and respond to the wishes and needs of the guests in every tour. We focus on infotainment. We would also be happy to help you plan your stay for excursions.



certified and licensed guides

  • in over 20 languages
  • specialized in infotainment
  • professional easy handling





along the Danube and Vltava

  • from Nuremberg, Regensburg, Straubing, Passau, Linz, Wachau, Vienna to Budapest
  • inSalzburg
  • from Czesky Krumlov, Czesky Budjeovice to Prague