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Hybrid World Federation Meeting in Madrid, February 7-10

The World Federation of Guides Conference (WFTGA) is normally held every 2 years. Last year the conference was postponed due to Corona. Unfortunately, it cannot take place in Serbia this year as originally planned.

The Executive Board decided at short notice to hold a hybrid event in Madrid. From February 7 to 10, there will be an exciting program of lectures, workshops, network meetings and a colorful supporting program.
The meetings at world federation level are always characterized by a special spirit, where at the latest at the gala evening everyone is standing hand in hand on the dance floor.

Since traveling is not possible for many guides at the moment, almost all parts are also streamed virtually. We started a new company Hybrid Streaming last year and organize streaming with our team on the ground in Madrid.

We will try to transfer the spirit of sharing with like-minded guides, learning from each other and discovering new cities together with culture and enjoyment to the virtual.


If you’re coming to Madrid, be sure to join the Post tour of Spain’s small medieval towns from Feb. 11-13, 2022.
Because then we have done our challenging streaming job and look forward to a cozy exchange with you

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Martha & Sebastian

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